Chota Outdoor Gear Licenses DUCS® ... Frank Bryant, CEO and Owner of Chota Outdoor Gear and Dave Hall of DUCS® Suspenders, LLC introduced a new, innovative line of high quality line of fly fishing waders which utilize the patented DUCS® suspender system. Read more and watch Frank's short Video here.


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DUCS official licensed productOur DUCS® System is available for licensed use!

Find out how you can aquire a license to use our DUCS® system in your product.

Welcome to DUCS® Suspenders, LLC

If this is your first visit to the DUCS® website, we suggest you read this section first. You may wish to watch Video #1 to get a quick feel for exactly why the patented DUCS® system is so unique.

DUCS® SuspendersThe Patented DUCS®
Suspenders System

DUCS® Detachable Under Clothing Suspenders combine the comfort of a side clip suspender with the patented quick release feature which allows the wearer to quickly and easily remove or lower his or her trousers without having to first remove the outer garments. A new level of versatility results from the fact that the DUCS® system offers a number of interchangeable optional "lower units".

DUCS® can be used as "free standing" (not part of the clothing) suspenders or "built-in", where they are an integral part of the clothing, like waders, bib type ski pants.

The DUCS® which are offered for sale in our online store are the "free standing" suspenders and are intended to be used with regular pants and other waist high garments such as waders, ski pants, brush pants, etc. The "lower units" are interchangeable (within a certain size) providing flexibility for the user.

We are presently working with manufacturers to produce, under a licensing arrangement, chest high waders, ski bibs and other high cut garments. We have included in this website much information regarding our work with prototypes to demonstrate the benefits of the patented DUCS® suspenders. For example, 4-Point Chest High Waders incorporating DUCS® suspenders can be easily rolled down to waist level, whenever desired!

Please feel free to email us at: if you would like to be kept informed and notified when new products become available.

If you agree that DUCS® Detachable Under Clothing Suspenders may be one of the most significant suspender innovations in the last thousand years, please help us pass the word!

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