Our Story - How DUCS® Came to Be

DUCS® SuspendersThe DUCS® Suspenders System

The fire was lit in the late 60's when Dave Hall was taking a marketing course in business school. The class was told to "invent" a new product (a five legged stool would suffice) and design a marketing plan. Dave's team passed the course but it wasn't evident that he really failed until about seven or eight years later when the first patent was issued for a suitcase with wheels. Dave vowed that, if he ever had another good idea, he would pursue it to the ends of the earth.

Dave is now a real estate developer (and avid sportsman) in southern New Hampshire, where winters are very cold and multiple layers of clothing (sweatshirt, vest and work coat) are the norm. When nature calls, the only option is often a portable "out house". As he grew older, Father Time packed on enough pounds to cause Dave to move up a couple of pant sizes. In his thinner days, Dave's shape was such that a belt worked fine. His new shape, however, was not "belt friendly" and Dave started wearing suspenders. He soon realized that a visit to the out house required that he must remove his sweatshirt, vest and coat before entering. This was an unpleasant surprise! To make matters worse, Dave's daughter had recently remarked that she had been skiing and when she went to the woman's room, she removed her parka (a prerequisite to slipping off the suspenders which held up her ski pants) only to find all the hooks taken. Holding the parka in her lap, she slipped off the suspenders, only to see them lying in a puddle of (hopefully) melted snow.

Dave began to obsess about what, on the surface, seemed like a simple problem. He realized he could solve it if he could easily disconnect the suspenders from the pants, while causing the suspenders to remain in place for easy re-attachment. After making and using several prototypes Dave had a highly efficient, but not very pretty, design. True to his earlier promise to himself, he began the patent process and on November 1, 2005 was awarded Patent #6,959,455. During the mandatory patent research process, it became apparent that many people had tried, unsuccessfully, to solve the problem. Like the suitcase with wheels, the solution looks obvious...in retrospect.

While the early prototypes were simple, free standing (not part of the garment), Dave expanded his testing to include ski pants, waders, etc. It was soon realized that some secondary advantages made the use of DUCS® Detachable Under Clothing Suspenders a true "no brainer" when built into these garments. For a complete description of the DUCS® Detachable Under Clothing Suspenders and how they can be used in a variety of situations please read About DUCS®.