DUCS® - Most Recent Developments & Field Trials

In the summer of 2012 DUCS® SuspendersThe DUCS® Suspenders SystemDUCS® Suspenders, LLC began phase II of prototype development and independent field tests. The results were far beyond our expectations!

DUCS® were initially developed out of the need to have a suspender system which would allow the user to remove or lower his or her pants, without first removing his outer garments. We knew, based on years of experimentation, that they would get very high marks in this area. During the development process we discovered that the secondary attributes of our design were creating a far superior system, a system that was far more comfortable, allowed much greater freedom of movement and were easier to use and, due to the fact that there are multiple options for the connection between the suspenders and pants, they are much more versatile. The figure on the right shows a standard 2", Heavy Duty DUCS® harness together with four different, interchangeable (within a given strap width) lower units.

The connectors attached to the harness are heavy duty suspender clips. The connector on the right, and in more detail below, is the popular leather button tab, designed to be attached to buttons which are sewn or press fit (i.e. no-sew buttons) on the inside of the pants. In the center is what we call the "Dual Cam Clip. Like the button tab, this very strong unit creates a "bridle" providing two points of attachment on each side. At the end of each strap there is a strong cam-action clip. It can be easily moved and, if appropriate, can provide two points of attachment directly to wide belts. The plain buckle on the left can be sewn into the waistband of the pants in a variety of ways. Leather Button TabLeather Button Tab


Conventional suspenders tend to bind and restrict certain motions, like bending over. The relatively new "side clip" suspender, like DUCS®, attaches on the sides of the user at points along the axis of rotation. As the user bends forward, there is very little force on the suspenders. A disadvantage of side clip suspenders is that, for some people, there are not enough points of attachment to "spread the load". Our testers were all using DUCS® under heavy loads, like hunting pants, waders and brush pants (worn over jeans)As expected, most of them preferred to use the optional leather button tab to connect to the pants. This option creates an inverted "V" or bridle that puts two connection points on each side.


Leather Button Tab (right side)Leather Button Tab (right side) Dual Cam BridleDual Cam Bridle Dual Cam Bridle (left side)Dual Cam Bridle (left side)