Chota to produce first DUCS® equipped waders

Frank Bryant, CEO and Owner of Chota Outdoor Gear and Dave Hall of DUCS Suspenders, LLC introduced a new, innovative line of high quality line of fly fishing waders which utilize the patented DUCS® suspender system.

The announcement was made on July 16th at the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) Show in Orlando, Florida

This unique, yet amazingly simple concept permits the upper part of the wader to be disconnected and allowed to fall down, while the lower ( belt line and below) part of the wader remains strongly supported by a pair of color coded quick release buckles. If the lower set of buckles is released, the waders can be fully dropped or removed. What makes the DUCS® system unique is that, when the buckles are disconnected, the suspenders remain on the user in a stable, comfortable harness.

Why is this important?

Until now, anyone wearing suspenders, whether to simply hold up his or her pants, or as part of a wader, high cut ski pants, etc. was required to remove all the outer garments in order to lower the pants or waders

Many folks have found that chest high waders can get very hot and in order to increase ventilation they have disconnected the straps, pulled them over their shoulders and tied them at the waist. Some forward thinking manufacturers have used male and female buckles at the top of the waders, relying on the connection of the two to hold the waders at waist level. This may work to contain the waders at waist level but the concept falls apart when it's time to pull the tops up while wearing a jacket or vest. The angler must first remove these items, retrieve the shoulder straps and place them in position the put the jacket back on.

What about "Convertible Waders": Recently some companies have come upon the idea of lower buckles to hold the wader in place while the top is rolled down. This is a step in the right direction, but falls short when it is time to answer the call of nature when wearing a jacket or vest. The patented DUCS® system permits the waders to be lowered , to knee level, if require, while the suspenders remain on the user.

Other benefits: Dave Hall, The inventor of DUCS®, is a duck hunter and knows the value of thick neoprene waders when sitting in slushy seawater waiting for the sun to come up. He discovered that, as the sun got higher and it was time to move to avoid the incoming tide, the neoprene waders, in combination with a heavy sweater, down liner and heavy, long, coat could become quite hot. With his "homemade" conversions he discovered that rolling down the tops (without removing all the outer garments") not only helped the ventilation but when the rolled down top was pulled back up to about waist level, the three layers of neoprene provided a soft, warm seat cushion. If there was a long walk (dry) out, it was simple to remove the waders, leave the harness in place until it was time take off all the other stuff.

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How do I buy a pair of the New Chota Waders?

Simply call the Chota team at:877-462-4682 or visit their website here:

Can my company obtain a license to use the DUCS® system: Yes!

DUCS Suspenders, LLC will license, on a non-exclusive basis, the use of the DUCS® concept to quality manufacturers of all types of waders We are also  seeking quality manufactures of the many other commercial, recreational, and industrial clothing and functional apparatus which could benefit from this unique concept.

We intend to follow a plan of offering licenses at volume based prices that will be extremely reasonable, in order that we can share and further promote this great idea.

Interested in finding out more about licensing the patented DUCS® suspender system for use in your product? Learn More here...

For additional information concerning the many applications of DUCS®, as well as the purchase of individual DUCS® suspenders, please continue to browse our website.