From Curt McDermott

Dear Mr. Brown (Chota's Sales Manager),

It was last November at a gas station outside of Pulawski, NY, when I fully appreciated the DUCS ©/Chota hybrid waders. I’ve forded the Contoocook in them, float-tubed mountain lakes in them—even taken them for a few strolls in the Atlantic. But paying for my coffee while the snow doubled itself outside the store window, I realized how DUCS © had changed the game. Because I was still wearing them, when my buddy and I had left the frigid Salmon river, I’d rolled the bib and back of the waders down to my waist, buckling the belt over top. Happily, I’d done so without having to remove my coat—a particularly cherished feature on a wind-blown day. We’d planned to find a new spot, and the “half-mast” feature gave me plenty of flexibility for driving without having to peel the waders off in the freezing air, only to put them on a few minutes later.

The car was pleasantly toasty, though, and instead of heading to a new hole, we decided to head back into town for a quick bite and caffeine boost. By the time we got to the station, my mind was somewhere between strudel and steelhead, and I went in without thinking.I browsed the doughnut display, filled up my mug, and chatted with the clerk—all without appreciating the simple fact that, at that exact moment, I was still equipped to hop right back into a freezing river.

That’s the power of the DUCS © system, really: the flexibility, stability, and security to forget you’re wearing waders. And Pulaski wasn’t the only time DUCS © convenience made life easier. As an avid float-tuber, I recently found myself in the middle of a remote New Hampshire trout pond—having chugged several liters of water on the hike up—when Nature called. And I’m not talking about the loons. By the time I’d kicked back to shore, the countdown clock was ticking and I was in no position to fumble with neoprene, flippers, or shoulder straps slipping into the water. DUCS © made it easy: two quick unclips, and I was back to fishing a few seconds later—all without removing any of my gear, or getting anything wet that wasn’t supposed to be.

Striper fishing’s become infinitely more enjoyable, too—sweltering beneath the General Sullivan bridge two weekends ago, I was once again appreciative of a “half-mast” that allowed me to wade thigh deep without steaming myself alive. Not to mention the snug-fitting shoulder harness, which gave me the extra confidence needed to voluntarily walk into some of the strongest tides on the planet. I’ve worn my DUCS ©/Chota waders in ice-crusted streams and over sun-baked sandbars, through backwater bass ponds and tide-tossed riprap. I know there are plenty of other options on the market right now—which is exactly why I choose to wear a design that fuses the best ideas of each. And sometimes forgets that it’s a wader altogether.

Curt McDermott

Marc from Massachusetts

As an auctioneer would shout to the winning bidder – SOLD, SOLD, SOLD! The DUCS® suspender system is absolutely, hands down the best, heavy duty suspenders I have ever seen or come across. The quality of the DUCS® suspenders are second to none from the heavy duty upper and lower receiver clips to the harness and to the provided hardware to fix the product to your clothing. The fact the DUCS® suspenders are easily adjustable make the comfort experience incredible. There was absolutely no strain or discomfort on my shoulders in fact, shortly after you put on the DUCS® suspender system you quickly adjust and don't even realize that you are wearing them. In terms of the performance, the DUCS® suspenders never let me down or should I say let my hunting pants down. My hunting pants never fell below the waistline. They are simple to install, we used the comfortable leather tethered lower receivers and attached them to buttons on the inside seam of our wool hunting pants. Within five minutes we had the suspenders attached and adjusted based on our height and at that point we were ready to use the product. In closing, I can see the DUCS® suspenders being used in many different applications such as, hunting, fishing, construction and other work related sectors. One recommendation that I have is that once the product goes to market that the straps be offered in various colors including camouflage for the hunting industry.

Mark from Pennsylvania

I just got back from North Dakota and the suspenders worked great on my brush pants. The only minor issue I noticed was one that I have on the traditional pair of suspenders I have, the strap adjusters tend to slide down (loosen) during the course of the day. Not a big deal (It's been fixed). Thanks again for using me as a field tester, I'll keep up the feedback as I wear them through the fall and winter.... I have spoken to several friends in the last couple days about DUCS® and get positive feedback about the benefits of your system in regards to use with waders, brush pants and cold weather work wear.

Matt from Massachusetts

I could not believe how comfortable the DUCS® suspenders were. I initially had reservations that the suspenders would cause strain on my shoulders and or lower back. The design of the upper harness system really reduces that typical shoulder strain you would normally experience with traditional suspenders. The DUCS® were very easy to use out of the package and the durability and versatility of DUCS® suspender system is unlike any other suspenders I have seen on the market. The lower receivers were easy to install on my heavy wool hunting pants they were easy to clip on and off.

I would highly endorse and will continue to use the DUCS® suspender system after my field test experience with them.

Curt from New Hampshire

I took your DUCS® for a swim on the Contoocook two separate evenings, immersing them for hours in moderate currents and, at times, nearly to the tops of the waders..... The suspenders are simply more comfortable than regular wader suspension straps—at least the three or four that I've experienced. I especially appreciated them in high water and stronger currents, as I didn't feel as if I had to worry about unsupported areas letting any water in. More importantly, I took advantage of the suspender's intended use several times. Without going into too many details, I was able to leave the water, take care of business, and return to fishing much faster than I ever have before. My friend and I have been float tubing a lot lately, and I can see some real potential benefits of the DUCS® system in that capacity—namely, not having to leave the water, which, with flippers on your feet, is a huge hassle.