Supporting Two Garments

How DUCS Work Exhibit IV AExhibit IV A: Here the user’s trousers are supported (unseen) as above and the red ski pants are supported by a second, higher attachment point.How DUCS Work Exhibit IV BExhibit IV B: This shows a closer view of the upper part of the main buckle and the smaller quick release buckle attached with a hook & loop strap.

Suspenders are normally used with garments designed to fit over one's trousers, as in the case of ski pants, fireman's pants, chemical protection pants, waders, rain pants, etc. In many cases suspenders are mandated because the garment extends well above the waist of the wearer, rendering a belt useless. These special garments are often worn with heavy jackets or coats, which must be removed before the "bottoms" can be taken down.

When it is desirable to support the wearer's primary trousers and also an outer garment such as fireman's pants, ski pants, foul weather gear, construction or farming overalls or work belts, the primary trousers, on the inside, are supported as above and the outer garments are then attached to quick release connections attached to the harness straps at shoulder level. The weight of the primary trousers will prevent the harness from moving under the added load of the outer garment attached to the shoulder straps. This application may be particularly beneficial to firemen or soldiers as they could support their primary trousers with the harness, using the lower attachment point, and the fireman's pants at the upper point. This would not only facilitate lowering the pants with the outer coat in place, it would also permit the user to get the pants on, even if the coat were first in place. See Exhibit VI.